I am Assistant Professor of Strategy at IE Business School. Before joining IE in September 2022, I was a Research Associate at Imperial College Business School in London, UK.

My research interests lie at the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. I seek to understand how entrepreneurial strategies are created and implemented in organizations of all sizes and whether (and how) their effectiveness changes in environments that differ in terms of technology and competition, among other factors. As a part of entrepreneurial strategies, I am particularly interested in how firms learn and adapt by designing and running experiments to introduce novel business models and approaches that are difficult to imitate. I study these topics primarily through a configurational lens to consider the complexity and interdependencies that underlie managerial decisions, but increasingly also from a behavioral perspective to better account for the adaptive nature of organizations. My current projects include for example business model innovation in online firms, experimentation in NBA teams, and mission-driven strategies in spaceflight. My research has been presented at major international conferences and accepted for publication in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Journal and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.

I have taught or co-instructed courses and modules at BSc, MSc, MBA, and PhD (doctoral students from other disciplines) levels in strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. My classes are often interactive and frequently include case discussions, case competitions, and applications of research methods and analysis.

I hold a PhD in Management (Strategic Entrepreneurship) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), an educational institute that is well known for its ground-breaking research, entrepreneurial mindset, and interdisciplinary studies. In addition to my wonderful time in Munich, I spent more than a year as a visiting scholar at New York University (Stern School of Business) and Singapore Management University (LKC School of Business), through which I managed to gain different perspectives on business studies and establish a global network of fantastic collaborators. Before my PhD, I studied Economics and Business Administration in Finland and Germany, after which I worked for three years in management consulting.