My research interests lie at the organizational level and at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy. My work is generally focused on entrepreneurial strategies in rapidly changing environments typically characterized by novel technologies. I study my research questions primarily through a configurational lens (e.g., interdependencies, complementarities, equifinality), and increasingly also from a behavioral perspective (e.g., organizational learning, adaptation, search) to better account for the adaptive nature of complex organizations. I use both quantitative and qualitative research methods and empirical settings ranging from online businesses to basketball teams and spaceflight. My research has been published by top journals such as the Academy of Management Journal and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.


Leppänen, P., George, G. & Alexy. O. 2021. When Do Novel Business Models Lead to High Firm Performance? A Configurational Approach to Value Drivers, Competitive Strategy, and Firm Environment. Academy of Management Journal, Link

Haefner, N., Palmié, M. & Leppänen, P. 2021. With(Out) a Little Help From My Friends? Reconciling Incongruous Findings on Stakeholder Management, Innovation, and Firm Performance. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Link

Leppänen, P., McKenny, A. & Short, J. 2019. Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Approach and Noting Opportunities for the Future, in Brian Boyd, T. Russell Crook, Jane K. Lê, Anne D. Smith (ed.) Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Volume 11) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.155–177.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

Leppänen, P. & Eggers, J.P. Resource Reconfiguration and Search: The Role of Managerial Cognition.

Stuhler, I., Leppänen, P. & Haefner, N. Top Management Team Configurations and IPO Performance.

Leppänen, P. Mission-Driven Strategizing: Interdependencies in SpaceX’s Building Block Approach.

Reid, S., Leppänen, P. & Short, J. Configurations of Corporate Social Responsibility in Family Firms.

Leppänen, P. & Eggers, J.P. Short-Term vs. Long-Term Performance Feedback and Organizational Search.

Leppänen, P. & Reetz, D. Emergence of Platform Configurations.