How to spot business opportunities?

There are many ways to spot business opportunities. For example by copying ideas used in your own field or those found in completely different areas. Or by absorbing more information through traveling, reading, and listening to people talking about their lives. While business opportunities are mostly discovered and then exploited, they can also be created and then exploited1. Opportunity creation involves much more uncertainty than opportunity discovery and requires visionary skills that allow for developing ideas people haven’t even thought… Read more

How Coronavirus will change the entrepreneurial opportunity landscape

Fist bump, footshake, or maybe an air hug instead of a handshake? Many things will change as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. People will remember to appreciate their lives. Ideas for new societies will be introduced. New technologies will develop and they will play a larger role in decision making. Governments will be better prepared for future shocks. International and interdisciplinary collaboration will increase. And what not. At the same time, this means a new entrepreneurial opportunity for existing… Read more