Business models for high-tech companies

I have noticed that most people see only one way of doing high-tech business: creating a product or service and selling it via one-time transactions. Just like a computer manufacturer or car producer that creates a product and sells it to a customer. However, this is just one way to monetize high-tech alongside all the other products and services that complement the high-tech offering. There are several other business models for high-tech companies that may be better options than one-time… Read more

5 business model innovations you should know about

Business model innovations mean reconfiguring a business while it continues to deliver same products (possibly) to the same markets in a different way. Technology, such as the Internet, plays typically an important role as an enabler. Oftentimes, business model innovations involve changes in the backend of the company. Such alterations are mostly invisible for the competitors and thus difficult to copy. Consequently, it is not a secret that managers consider business model innovation one of the best opportunities to grow… Read more